it’s soooooo me~~~

What should i do, if i meet my Wang?

Jackson giving Gukjoo’s bed a makeover + dressing up her doll in his jersey

wangheo (aka actual puppies) moments [1/?]

jackson messes up yoona’s name…

Would I have changed? If I had chosen a different path, if I had stopped and looked back What will I get to see? At the end of this road, where you would be standing” - Jungkook “Path”

Jackson’s long journey wait to sunny’s part

KPOP male rappers: with hella deep voices (part 1)

Taehyung & a little girl^^

jin + cleaning

well now if that’s not hip hap i don’t know what is


And this is why I’m proud to be a BTS fan

bangtan hyung line & their hearts of gold

Hobi cheering grandma up with his aegyo dance ;_;