♡ 08.24.1984 ~ 08.24.2013 ~ Kim Jong Woon ~ 김종운 
Dear Yesung,
Long story short, you are my idol. You and Super Junior opened up an entire new world for me and I’ve never looked back since. You poured colour back into my boring and meaningless life and taught me happiness is possible for everyone. Just your existence alone is enough to get me through any hard time in my life. I’ve learned so much from you and your members, I found a new passion for music through you and kpop.
Your voice is unlike any other and I hope you never stop singing. Till the day the world ends, I’ll always listen. I’ll listen to the messages you send through your songs and take courage and strength from your words. 
You are an amazing person even though you don’t seem to see it through your own eyes. Sometimes insecure and fragile, but still so strong and courageous. I know it took a lot of courage to take the leap to where you are now and I hope I can find the same strength you have.
Our Yesung, our art like vocals, our outrageous dancing queen, who’s obsessed with philtrums, turtles and has abnormally small hands. Our Kim Jong Woon who’s just strange and collected bugs as a kid, and is the ultimate selca king. There are just so many particular things about you, and I hope you never ever change. You make me so proud to be an ELF and Cloud, along with millions of others. We are here to always support you. You are never alone.
Happy Birthday to our Kim Jong Woon, who I am so thankful was born 29 years ago in the past on August 24th. Happy Birthday to our Yesung, who’s grown into a handsome and warm hearted man in the present making his members, family and fans so proud with each passing day. Happy Birthday to you 김종운, I hope you will never stop singing and doing what makes you happy in the future. I wish nothing but the best for you because you deserve nothing less. 
Please stay healthy and always remember, we won’t forget you. We are waiting. 
Happy 29/30th Birthday! 

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